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A silent revolution is taking place In India: tens of thousands of illiterate women in rural areas are pulling their villages out of deep poverty. What can we in the Netherlands learn from these unlikely leaders? And what can we do to make their success inevitable?

Are you looking for inspiration, contact and impact? Do you want to invest in a meaningful way and together make a difference? If you do, join Odisha’s 100. Odisha’s 100 is a network of hundred extraordinary and driven women who want to both empower female leaders in India and together change the world. Odisha’s 100 are jointly investing in a clear objective: to end hunger in Odisha, India. Read the brochure.

Nisha Dahayat, chairperson of the Khamriya village council
“When I was young, a woman was elected chairperson of the village council. When I heard that, I immediately knew: one day I want to be elected too. She realised good things for us and it was my dream to change things for the better, too. And you know what? I did! I have learned to stand my ground, no matter what, and to take the initiative. Because if I want something to change, I have to create that myself.”


Caroline Glasbergen

“Women can really make a difference worldwide, that is my vision. Becoming a member of Odisha’s 100 felt like the logical next step for me and my company FITSHE. With the FITSHE team we are very proud to have contributed to the change where we so firmly believe in.”


“One woman can make a difference, but together we can rock the world”

Take part – in 5 steps

    1. Register. You can do this here. Once you are registered, you will receive your own Odisha’s 100 scarf with your personal member number. You get access to a private LinkedIn group and we bring you in contact with the other Odisha’s 100.
    2. Invest. By annually contributing EUR 5,000 for five years, you will support female leaders in Odisha during their five-year term in office. By securing this amount for five years, you invest in a tax-efficient way. Your entire donation is tax-deductible. It will allow female council members in Odisha to be trained and coached.
    3. Connect. Meet the other Odisha’s 100 during network and inspirational events. We will meet twice a year at a breakfast session and twice a year on location at one of our members. Join our annual investors’ trip to India for a big dose of fire in the belly. Get to know Odisha’s revolutionary women, let yourself be inspired by their stories, and see with your own eyes how much impact you are making by being one of Odisha’s 100.
    4. Impact. We will keep you informed of the programme in India and regularly share results, stories and insights from Odisha as well as the Netherlands.
    5. Spread the word. The name speaks for itself: our objective is to gather a hundred members – this will ensure maximum impact. Each new member will get an individual member number, so that we can track our progress in achieving this objective. So share the story of Odisha’s 100 in your own networks: together we are going for one hundred!